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What Makes a Good Tow Vehicle?

Posted on 14 March 2018 by admin (0)

Tow TruckNobody wants to purchase a tow vehicle only to regret later after realizing that it was a disaster. Besides, not all people are interested in buying heavy trucks for towing such as those used by Fairfax Towing Truck. You may want to use the vehicle for other urban purposes. On the other hand, a nimble car that breaks down after every 20 miles is certainly we all don’t like. Now this is a dilemma, isn’t it? For this reason, there is a need to be careful when you want to purchase one. A towing task is not easy, and not any car can perform it effectively and stay in good condition for an extended period. Well, you won’t get a perfect vehicle, but there are some that are certainly better than others. Several technical factors should always consider.


To achieve efficient towing, you will need a stable car that has excellent balance. Now the question is, how can you identify a stable car? If it has a long wheelbase, then it’s stable. Besides, a short rear overhang is another characteristic that can help you make the decision. These two qualities help to leverage the vehicle in case the caravan or camper starts to sway in either side



Choose a car that has a relatively high towing capacity. It is not realistic to fill the capacity to the last possible kilo because you will be damaging it. It is advisable to purchase a vehicle that has about 10 percent of the maximum towing capacity as the TBM download capacity. However, do not always assume that this rule applies each time you are performing a towing task



TowingIn general, a vehicle tows better if the weight it is towing is lighter. While some lighter vehicles can tow heavier caravans, make sure you do exceed what is allowed for in the manual. This will help you to avoid shoving that can damage your car



Always remember that the biggest restriction that is placed on your tow car is not necessarily in the vehicle, but the towbar. In some incidents, the towbar is rated lower than the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable always to check whether your towbar is fit for the task by ensuring that the maximum capacity specified on the plate or sticker attached to it is equal or more than what you intend to tow.