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Five Common Signs of Transmission Failure in Cars

Posted on 27 December 2017 by admin (0)

transmissionHave you ever felt your vehicle producing funny noises while experiencing improper shifting when you were driving? Well, that could have been a sign that your car or truck has a problem in the transmission system. Here, we are going to discuss most probable indicators that can make you suspect a transmission failure. If you see them, do not hesitate to consult your mechanic, or tow truck service otherwise, the problem could persist, forcing you into unexpected overly expensive repairs, which could be avoided through a relatively easy process. The following are five signs you need to take your car for check-ups regarding transmission.


Transmission slipping

Sometimes you may feel that your vehicle is shifting without a valid reason. Besides, the engine might begin to make a funny noise that you are not used to hearing. If these things happen, your car could be experiencing a slipping transmission. Therefore, make an attempt to see your mechanic as soon as possible.


Dipstick Inspection

dipstickOne of the easiest ways to check the transmission fluid of your car is by use of a dipstick. Besides, there are no expenses incurred. If you realize that you are experiencing a rear-wheel drive, then you can find the fluid near the back of the in-line engine. In contrast, if you experience a front wheel drive, it will be located outside the transaxle. Your owner’s manual has all these guides, and it will help you get more familiar with such problems in case your car develops them. Before you insert your dipstick, always ensure that your vehicle is either neutral or park. It is not advisable to turn your engine off. After inserting it, if it is not full, add adequate transmission fluid. Avoid adding excess because it can aerate to create some bubbles that trap heat.


Strange Smells

In general, your transmission fluid should have a sweet or tart smell. Therefore, if you discover that it is producing some burning odor, do not hesitate; think about changing your fluid as soon as possible. This is because the issue can worsen within a very short time if not corrected. It is worth remembering that your car cannot operate well without enough and well-conditioned transmission fluid; it lubricates all the parts and prevents the unit from burning up. So, burned up fluid may indicate a gradually burning transmission system, which may eventually demand a complete rebuild. See an expert as soon as you suspect your car might be experiencing some transmission problems.


Odd Sounds

First of all, you should note that there is a big difference in response sounds between manual and automatic transmission. Therefore, identify your normal sound when your car is in a perfect condition. Automatic transmission mostly produces whining or a bussing sound. About manual transmissions, a grinding noise is common due to an engaging clutch. If you hear a strange one, maybe it is high time you find expert advice.


Movement Delays

Sometimes you may notice that your car is experiencing low response when you ignite it. Also, if after shifting a gear in a manual transmission it is taking time to respond, that is a failing transmission. See your mechanic immediately.